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Urdu Point now provides live access to AVT Khyber news channel.

AVT Khyber news is one of the most famous Pashto channels. AVT Khyber news is a regional channel. It broadcasts in Pashto and English languages. AVT Khyber news is specially made for the pashtuns living in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The AVT Khyber news provides transmission in English for the viewers who are unable to understand the news in Pashto language. AVT Khyber news also broadcasts its transmissions in Europe and Middle East along with KPK and Afghanistan.

AVT Khyber news is a 24 hour news and current affairs channel. AVT Khyber news gives hourly headlines. AVT Khyber news also gives news about KPK, FATA, world, entertainment, education, business, sports, cricket, weather, lifestyle, etc. AVT Khyber news provides all the recent updates about politics, economy and social issues as well. It keeps the viewers aware of what is going on in the country.

There are also different talk shows and other informative programs for people on AVT Khyber news. These talk shows discuss all the political, social, geographical, economical, sociopolitical and socioeconomic issues of Pakistan in current and future perspective. Different intellectual personalities and analysts discuss these issues and give their opinions about them in these talk shows.

The AVT Khyber news videos can be found on their website. AVT Khyber news videos are also uploaded on their youtube channel. You can watch the AVT Khyber news videos anytime on youtube by searching AVT Khyber news videos. The AVT Khyber news videos can also be found on the AVT Khyber news facebook page. The videos are in both English and Pashto languages.

The AVT Khyber news Pashto channel is helpful for the pashtun people as Pashto is their native language. They can understand Pashto better than any other language. All the news and other content are broadcasted in Pashto language so that the Pashtun viewers can get a better and deeper understanding of all the issues going on in the country.

There is also the AVT Khyber news programs list where you can find all the programs. The AVT Khyber news programs list gives you the names of all the programs and talk shows being broadcasted along with their timings and days. You can sort out your favorite programs and talk shows from the list and also explore other programs that are being broadcasted on AVT Khyber news.

The AVT Khyber news can be accessed live anytime through the website of Urdu Point. Now you can watch all your scheduled talk shows or other programs live on AVT Khyber news live no matter where you are. The AVT Khyber news live can also be watched on the AVT Khyber news facebook page.

Now it has become much easier to access the AVT Khyber news live because Urdu point has provided all the viewers with free and unlimited live access to AVT Khyber news live. You can now watch the AVT Khyber news live anytime and anywhere online through the Urdu Point website.

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