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1 BGN = 112.89679 PKR

1 BGN = 112.90 PKR
Your Conversion : 1 BGN = 112.89679 PKR
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Bulgaria Leva Pakistan Rupee

Updated: Aug 14 2022

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Today Bulgaria Leva Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 BGN to PKR) is 112.89679 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best BGN to PKR conversion. This Bulgaria Leva to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Easily find the 1 BGN buying rate and selling rate in Pakistan. You can also convert all major currencies online.



Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 126.0157 126.0157
Low 107.4271 102.0272
Average 117.9282 112.1697


Date Rate
14 Aug, 2022 113.03
13 Aug, 2022 117.07
12 Aug, 2022 118.55
11 Aug, 2022 117.33
10 Aug, 2022 117.09
9 Aug, 2022 117.36
8 Aug, 2022 117.38
7 Aug, 2022 116.69
6 Aug, 2022 117.23
5 Aug, 2022 118.03
4 Aug, 2022 124.36
3 Aug, 2022 126.02
2 Aug, 2022 126.02
1 Aug, 2022 125.53
31 Jul, 2022 125.28


The rate of change depends upon market rates. Nowadays, BGN to PKR rate of exchange is almost 112.89679 PKR. This rate of exchange depends upon the market rates. Currency exchange dealers of Pakistan set the market rates. Within the determination of rates, both countries' economies play various roles. Within the following explanation, we've concluded the connection between both currencies.


BGN is the currency code for the Bulgarian Lev. It is the official currency of Bulgaria. The currency symbol is лв. As we know that Bulgaria has been an EU (European Union) member since 2007, so it had been expected that Bulgaria might adopt the Euro as its currency.

The currency name is introduced from the archaic Bulgarian word “Lev”, which means lion. The plural of Lev is Leva. The economy of Bulgaria is industrialized. The country is included within the upper-middle class. The BGN is formed from Stotinki. The Stotinki in Bulgarian means “a hundredth”.

The United States (US) Dollar is additionally referred to as the American Dollar and, therefore, the US Dollar. As compared to the US Dollar, the BGN may be a weaker currency. All countries are compared to the US Dollar to understand how strong they're. They compare their currency to the US Dollar only because the US Dollar is the strongest currency until now.

As compared to other currencies, the BGN remains very strong. The rate of exchange of Dollars to BGN is almost 1.9068763 Bulgaria. It means one Dollar is equal to 1.9068763 Bulgarian Lev.


The PKR is the currency abbreviation or currency symbol for Pakistani Rupees issued and controlled by the State Bank of Pakistan. The Pakistani Rupees are formed from 100 Paisa. It's often mentioned as Rupees, Rupaya, or Rupaye. The currency symbol is “Rs”. The economy of Pakistan seems to be very bad because the currency definitely depends upon the financial condition of the country. Due to the bad economic condition, the Pakistani Rupees kept failing and became weak.

As compared to the US Dollar, PKR is extremely weak thanks to unstable economic conditions. The rate of exchange of Dollars to PKR is almost 215.28021 Pakistani Rupees, which suggests 1 Dollar is equal to 215.28021 Pakistani Rupees. The currency of Pakistan is taken into account as low currency thanks to inflation. But still, there are some currencies which are weaker than Pakistani Rupees- for instance, Sri Lankan Rupees.


The Bulgarian Lev is stronger than Pakistani Rupees. The rate of exchange of BGN is almost 112.89679 as compared to the PKR.

The rate is decreasing day by day; it means due to inflation and unstable financial condition, the Pakistani currency is getting weaker day by day as compared to BGN and also other currencies like the Dollar, etc.