PEN to PKR Currency Converter - 1 Peru Nuevos Soles To Pakistan Rupee

1 PEN = 55.685344 PKR

1 PEN = 55.69 PKR
Your Conversion : 1 PEN = 55.685344 PKR
Reverse Conversion : 55.685344 PKR = 1 PEN

Peru Nuevos Soles Pakistan Rupee

Updated: Aug 14 2022

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Today Peru Nuevos Soles Rate to Pakistan Rupee (1 PEN to PKR) is 55.685344 PKR, all prices are updated every hour to give you the best PEN to PKR conversion. This Peru Nuevos Soles to Pakistan Rupee conversion is based on open market rates which are set by the currency exchange dealers of Pakistan. Easily find the 1 PEN buying rate and selling rate in Pakistan. You can also convert all major currencies online.



Last 30 days LAST 90 DAYS
High 61.8057 61.8057
Low 53.007 50.7016
Average 57.9403 55.3285


Date Rate
14 Aug, 2022 55.73
13 Aug, 2022 57.02
12 Aug, 2022 57.32
11 Aug, 2022 57.05
10 Aug, 2022 57.54
9 Aug, 2022 57.74
8 Aug, 2022 57.77
7 Aug, 2022 57.66
6 Aug, 2022 57.61
5 Aug, 2022 58.16
4 Aug, 2022 60.88
3 Aug, 2022 61.81
2 Aug, 2022 61.81
1 Aug, 2022 61.37
31 Jul, 2022 61.04


The rate of currencies depends on the economic conditions of the country. The currency varies with the economy. The economy, along with many other factors, plays a vital role in displaying the currency of the country. How and why PEN to PKR varies, we are going to discuss here.


PEN is the abbreviation of 'Peruvian Sol'. It is the official currency of Peru. PEN is further divided into 100 Centimos. It consists of coins and sols as we know that a specific symbol represents every currency. Same as that Peruvian Sol is also represented by a specific symbol that is 'S/'.

All the currencies are compared with the United State dollar because the United state dollars is considered the strongest currency. The currency of any other country is compared with USD to measure how strong the currency is in the international market.

So, by comparing the PEN currency with the United States Dollars, the average exchange rate of 1 PEN to USD is 3.866519. It means that the Peruvian Sol is weaker than that of United States Dollars. It is because the economy of the Peruvian state is a weaker economy than the United States. The United States is a highly developed state. That's why its currency is much valuable than others.


PKR is the abbreviation of Pakistani Rupee. Pakistani Rupee is the official currency of Pakistan. It was introduced in 1948. The PKR currency is considered as cheaper currency. It is due to poor economic conditions.

The currency of a country is developed based on Exports and its market. If the market and rate of exports would be low, then the economy will fall, and this is one of the reasons for the devaluing of currency.

The PKR currency, although considered a very weak currency but it much stronger than some of the other currencies like the Indonesian Rupiah and Iranian Rial.

The value of Pakistan's currency can get a better value only when the economic conditions of Pakistan's economy will be stable.


The average exchange rate of Peruvian Sol is 55.685344 Rupees. It shows that the Peruvian Sol is stronger than that of Pakistani Rupee. As we know that Pakistan is an underdeveloped county, so it has a weaker currency than many other countries.

The economic conditions of a country play a vital role in the currency. So if the country has a strong economy, then it's currency will also be strong. But if the economic conditions of the country will be weak, then its currency will also be weak.

The country which has a good economy would have cheaper prices of random things. But Pakistan is bad economically, so the prices of randomly used things would be high to maintain the economy.

A small amount of PEN currency will be a large amount of money in Pakistani Rupee. But a large amount of Pakistani Rupee will worth a little amount in Peruvian Sol. For example, if someone has a salary of 10,000 PEN, then it will value around 556853.44 in Pakistani Rupee. Which means this little amount of salary in PEN has a strong worth. On the other hand, if someone has 10,000 salary in Pakistan, then it would be considered a meager amount that cannot fulfill even the basic necessities of life for an average household.