KSE 100 :

PAEL 32.96 0.1 TRG 30.15 -0.08 ASL 11.95 0.35 FCCL 25.24 -0.2 DGKC 108.56 -2.05 ATRL 209.5 -2.25 KEL 5.85 -0.03 CHCC 86.2 2.6 PIBTL 12.65 -0.1 PSX 18.42 0.37 UBL 141.05 -1.5 MLCF 51.35 -1.06 EPCL 38.9 -0.15 UNITY 32.91 0.19 BOP 13.15 -0.06 OGDC 149.78 -0.97 BAFL 50.3 -0.37 NBP 50.15 0.19 SNGP 89.75 -1.07 EFERT 78.6 0.26 BAHL 73.97 -1.35 PIOC 53.2 -0.62 PSO 280.4 2.27 KAPCO 52.96 -0.37 FFC 98.1 -1.96 SSGC 26.75 0.07 HBL 142.72 -2.17 LUCK 502.98 -3.69 ISL 89.0 0.51 MCB 200.51 -3.12

Allied Rental Modarba - ARM PSX Share Price, Stock Quote and Today ARM Volume

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Company Information

Face Value 10
Year End Jun
O.S. Shares 200,000,000
Registrar JWAFFS Registrar Services (Pvt.) Limited

Allied Rental Modarba Share Price - ARM KSE (PSX) Stock Price and current price of share, today’s share volume, stock details, Stock Quote Summary, Chart, and Profile information including contact information. Live stock market report from Pakistan Stock Exchange or Karachi Stock Exchange KSE. Read Latest Allied Rental Modarba news, sector information, and related companies details.

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