FAW Carrier Deckless 2019 Models in Pakistan

Faw Carrier Deckless 2019 is the ultimate loader that you’ve been searching for a long time. With the gearbox of 5-speed manual transmission, and amazing engine your goods can tr4ansported anywhere with the top speed of 140 Km/h. It’s a two-door vehicle accompanying EFI petrol engine bringing up the OHC 8 valves mechanism. Faw Carrier Deckless 2019 is a 970 cc automobile loader with 4 In-Line cylinder configuration creating the engine power of 59 hp @ 5200 RPM. The fuel tank capacity of deckless pickup is 37 litres and offers better mileage than many loader pickups of different companies. Since it’s a basic vehicle, it’s not packed with luxurious specs but incorporate every basic feature such as a front speaker, defogger, heater, interior lighting, and so forth.