Suzuki Alto VX 2020 Models in Pakistan

Into the fiery competition of cars nowadays, buying an economical vehicle is actually an accomplishment. Suzuki has just launched the replacement of Mehran VX with Alto VX 2020. It’s a non-air-conditioned compact car without an automatic gear. It’s a complete package of affordable car, offering amazing mileage, attractive looks, and latest engine.


The all-new Suzuki Alto VX 2020 has brought to the market with the engine power of 39 hp @ 6500 RPM alongside 3 Cylinders. This latest VX model of 658 cc Alto has 5 speed Manual transmission and uses the MPi Petrol fuel system. It’s offered with a Petrol suspension and has Rack & Pinion Steering Type. The front brake system is Solid Disc while on the Rear side there is Drums. With good fuel consumption of around 24 to 26 km per liter, you can drive up to the speed of 140 KM/H.


This time, Suzuki has offered Alto VX 2020 with a great variety of colors:

  • Cerulean Blue
  • Graphite Grey
  • Pearl Black
  • Pearl Red
  • Sand Beige
  • Silky Silver
  • Solid White

Interior and Exterior Features:

For the first time, Suzuki has powered a 658 cc car with such amazing features. It has a four-door body which carries 5 persons at a time easily. Power steering, heater, DVD player, defogger, child lock, and most importantly climate control feature is included which is rare in hatchbacks of Suzuki. Comfortable seats, cup holder, and power door locks are the specs not to forget about.