Suzuki Bolan Cargo Van Euro ll 2020 Models in Pakistan

Suzuki Cargo Van Euro II 800cc is presented particularly to satisfy necessities of the corporate segment. Its open and secured gear zone makes it one of the best among all. The vehicle Suzuki Cargo van euro II can convey substantial weight vehicle. This vehicle can effectively carry 550Kg of weight. On the front of the van, there is grille with S mark representing Suzuki. It comes with a 4-Speed Manual Transmission gearbox with EFI Petroleum engine. It gives a great mileage of 13KM/L intercity and 14KM/L on the expressway. It’s accompanied with a 12” steel rims and the top speed of 140 KM/h.

Exterior and Interior:

The exterior of the Suzuki Cargo Van EURO II includes a genuinely square-shaped structure. The level front belt includes square headlights with a rectangular styled dark grille and rectangular mist lights coordinated into the dark guard. The Suzuki Cargo Van inside highlights the utilization of dark tone plastic trim pieces.