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English to Urdu Meaning for Word Huddle is ٹھونس دینا, Translation from English into Urdu of Huddle is ٹھونس دینا, Huddle in Roman Means Thoons Dena, and in Urdu it means ٹھونس دینا, In roman we write as Thoons Dena.
English WordHuddle
Urdu Meaningٹھونس دینا
Bay Tarteebi Say Anbaar Lagana بے ترتیبی سے انبار لگانا
Thoons Dena ٹھونس دینا
Darham Barham Karna درہم برہم کرنا

Definitions of Huddle

n. A crowd; a number of persons or things crowded together in a confused manner; tumult; confusion.

intransitive v. To press together promiscuously, from confusion, apprehension, or the like; to crowd together confusedly; to press or hurry in disorder; to crowd.

transitive v. To crowd (things) together to mingle confusedly; to assemble without order or system.

transitive v. To do, make, or put, in haste or roughly; hence, to do imperfectly; -- usually with a following preposition or adverb

Form : Verb (used Without Object), Huddled, Huddling.

How To Spell Huddle : [huhd-l]

Origin of Huddle : Late 16th century (in the sense ‘conceal’): perhaps of Low German origin.

Synonyms For Huddle , Similar to Huddle

Bunch, Chaos, Cluster, Clutter, Confab, Conference, Confusion, Disarray, Discussion, Disorder, Gathering, Group, Heap, Jumble, Mass, Meeting, Mess, Muddle,

Antonyms For Huddle , Opposite to Huddle

Arrangement, Calm, Harmony, Individual, Method, One, Order, Orderliness, Organization, Quiet, System, Tidiness,

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