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English to Urdu Meaning for Word Pirouette is انگوٹھے کے بل پر ناچ, Translation from English into Urdu of Pirouette is انگوٹھے کے بل پر ناچ, Pirouette in Roman Means Anguthay Kay Bal Par Naach, and in Urdu it means انگوٹھے کے بل پر ناچ, In roman we write as Anguthay Kay Bal Par Naach.
English WordPirouette
Urdu Meaningانگوٹھے کے بل پر ناچ
Anguthay Kay Bal Par Naach انگوٹھے کے بل پر ناچ

Definitions of Pirouette

n. A whirling or turning on the toes in dancing.

n. The whirling about of a horse.

intransitive v. To perform a pirouette; to whirl, like a dancer.

Form : Noun

How To Spell Pirouette : [pir-oo-et]

Origin of Pirouette : Mid 17th century: from French, literally ‘spinning top’, of unknown ultimate origin.

Synonyms For Pirouette , Similar to Pirouette

Circle, Circulate, Gyre, Roll, Rotate, Spin, Spiral, Turn, Twirl, Whirl, Whirligig, Circumduct, Purl,

Antonyms For Pirouette , Opposite to Pirouette


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