Ahwaal English Meaning - Translate Ahwaal (Squint) into English from Urdu

Roman Urdu WordAhwaal
English WordSquint
Urdu Meaningاحوال
Bheega بھیگا
Ahwaal احوال
Kaj Nazar کج نظر

Definitions of Squint

adj. Looking obliquely.

adj. Looking askance.

n. The act or habit of squinting.

n. A want of coincidence of the axes of the eyes; strabismus.

n. Same as Hagioscope.

intransitive v. To see or look obliquely, asquint, or awry, or with a furtive glance.

intransitive v. To have the axes of the eyes not coincident; to be cross-eyed.

intransitive v. To deviate from a true line; to run obliquely.

intransitive v. To have an indirect bearing, reference, or implication; to have an allusion to, or inclination towards, something.

intransitive v. To look with the eyes partly closed.

transitive v. To turn to an oblique position; to direct obliquely.

transitive v. To cause to look with noncoincident optic axes.

Form : Verb (used Without Object)

How To Spell Squint : [skwint]

Origin of Squint : Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘squinting’, as in squint-eyed): shortening of asquint.

Synonyms For Squint , Similar to Squint

Look, Peek, Peep, Squinch, Look Askance, Cock The Eye, Screw Up Eyes,

Antonyms For Squint , Opposite to Squint


Ahwaal Meaning from Urdu to English is Squint, and in Urdu it is written as احوال. This word is written in Roman Urdu.

Ahwaal Meaning in English - Find the correct meaning of Ahwaal in English, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from Urdu to English. There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Ahwaal in English is Squint, and in Urdu we write it احوال. There are also several similar words to Ahwaal in our dictionary, which are Look, Peek, Peep, Squinch, Look Askance, Cock The Eye and Screw Up Eyes. Apart from similar words, there are always opposite words in dictionary too, the opposite words for Ahwaal are Open. After Urdu to English translation of Ahwaal, If you have issues in pronunciation than you can hear the audio of it in the online dictionary.

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