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Baadi / Reyaahi English Meaning - Translate Baadi / Reyaahi into English from Urdu

Baadi / Reyaahi Meaning from Urdu to English, Translate Urdu word Baadi / Reyaahi to English. Baadi / Reyaahi in English means Education. Baadi / Reyaahi Urdu to English Translation
Roman Urdu WordBaadi / Reyaahi
English WordVentose
Urdu Meaningbaadi/reyaahi
Baadi / Reyaahi baadi/reyaahi

Definitions of Ventose

adj. Windy; flatulent.

n. A ventouse.

n. The sixth month of the calendar adopted by the first French republic. It began February 19, and ended March 20. See vendu00e9miaire.

Form : Adjective, Archaic.

How To Spell Ventose : [ven-tohs]

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