Bal English Meaning - Translate Bal (Potence) into English from Urdu

Bal Meaning from Urdu to English is Potence, Translate Urdu word Bal to English. Bal in English means Potence. Bal Urdu to English Translation means Potence and Potence Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordBal
English WordPotence
Urdu Meaningزور
Bal بل
Zor زور
Taaqat طاقت

Definitions of Potence

n. Potency; capacity.

Form : Noun

How To Spell Potence : [poht-ns]

Synonyms For Potence , Similar to Potence

Acapulco, Backbone, Body, Brawn, Clout, Courage, Durability, Energy, Firmness, Force, Fortitude, Hardiness, Health, Healthiness, Might, Muscle, Nerve, Physique, Pith, Potency, Pow, Power, Powerfulness, Security, Sinew, Sock, Soundness, Stability, Stableness, Steadiness, Steamroller, Stoutness, Sturdiness, Substance, Tenacity, Thew, Toughness, Verdure, Vigor, Vim, Vitality, Zip, Puissance,

Antonyms For Potence , Opposite to Potence

Apathy, Cowardice, Disability, Enervation, Fear, Idleness, Impotence, Inability, Inactivity, Incompetence, Infirmity, Insecurity, Instability, Laziness, Lethargy, Powerlessness, Timidity, Uncertainty, Weakness,

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