Be Wazni English Meaning - Translate Be Wazni (Imponderability) into English from Urdu

Be Wazni Meaning from Urdu to English is Imponderability, Translate Urdu word Be Wazni to English. Be Wazni in English means Imponderability. Be Wazni Urdu to English Translation means Imponderability and Imponderability Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordBe Wazni
English WordImponderability
Urdu Meaningسَبُکی
Be Wazni بے وزنی
Subki سَبُکی
Be Wazni بے وزنی
Be Saqal بے ثقل
Ghair Madah غیر مادہ

Definitions of Imponderability

n. The quality or state of being imponderable; imponderableness.

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