Boseedah English Meaning - Translate Boseedah (Decayed) into English from Urdu

Boseedah Meaning from Urdu to English is Decayed, Translate Urdu word Boseedah to English. Boseedah in English means Decayed. Boseedah Urdu to English Translation means Decayed and Decayed Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordBoseedah
English WordDecayed
Urdu Meaningفرسودہ
Zawaal Zada زوال زدہ
Boseedah بوسیدہ
Farsodah فرسودہ

Definitions of Decayed

adj. Fallen, as to physical or social condition; affected with decay; rotten

Synonyms For Decayed , Similar to Decayed

Addled, Bad, Carious, Carrion, Corroded, Decomposed, Effete, Gangrenous, Overripe, Perished, Rank, Riddled, Rotted, Ruined, Spoiled, Wasted, Withered, Putrid, Putrescent, Moldered, Putrefied,

Antonyms For Decayed , Opposite to Decayed

Developing, Flourishing, Germinating, Growing, Improving, Ripening,

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