Dhoka English Meaning - Translate Dhoka (Flam) into English from Urdu

Dhoka Meaning from Urdu to English is Flam, Translate Urdu word Dhoka to English. Dhoka in English means Flam. Dhoka Urdu to English Translation means Flam and Flam Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordDhoka
English WordFlam
Urdu Meaningدھوکا
Dhoka دھوکا
Faraib فریب
Jhooti Kahani جھوٹی کہانی

Definitions of Flam

n. A freak or whim; also, a falsehood; a lie; an illusory pretext; deception; delusion.

transitive v. To deceive with a falsehood.

Form : Noun

How To Spell Flam : [flam]

Origin of Flam : Late 18th century: probably imitative.

Synonyms For Flam , Similar to Flam

Cahoots, Complicity, Connivance, Conspiracy, Craft, Deceit, Dodge, Flimflam, Graft, Guilt, Guiltiness, Gyp, Intrigue, Plot, Racket, Scam, Scheme, Skunk, Sting, Trick, Whitewash, Con Game, Bill Of Goods, Bunco, Fast Shuffle, Diddling, Fradulent Artifice,

Antonyms For Flam , Opposite to Flam


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