Dulki Chalna English Meaning - Translate Dulki Chalna (Trot) into English from Urdu

Dulki Chalna Meaning from Urdu to English is Trot, Translate Urdu word Dulki Chalna to English. Dulki Chalna in English means Trot. Dulki Chalna Urdu to English Translation means Trot and Trot Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordDulki Chalna
English WordTrot
Urdu Meaningدوڑنا
Dulki Chalna دلکی چلنا
Bhagna بھاگنا
Dorna دوڑنا
Dulki Chalana دلکی چلانا

Definitions of Trot

n. The pace of a horse or other quadruped, more rapid than a walk, but of various degrees of swiftness, in which one fore foot and the hind foot of the opposite side are lifted at the same time.

n. Fig.: A jogging pace, as of a person hurrying.

n. One who trots; a child; a woman.

intransitive v. To proceed by a certain gait peculiar to quadrupeds; to ride or drive at a trot. See trot, n.

intransitive v. Fig.: To run; to jog; to hurry.

transitive v. To cause to move, as a horse or other animal, in the pace called a trot; to cause to run without galloping or cantering.

Form : Verb (used Without Object), Trotted, Trotting.

How To Spell Trot : [trot]

Origin of Trot : Middle English: from Old French trot (noun), troter (verb), from medieval Latin trottare, of Germanic origin.

Synonyms For Trot , Similar to Trot

Amble, Canter, Go, Hurry, Jog, Lope, Pad, Rack, Ride, Run, Scamper, Step Lively,

Antonyms For Trot , Opposite to Trot


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