Fitri English Meaning - Translate Fitri (File) into English from Urdu

Roman Urdu WordFitri
English WordFile
Urdu Meaningریتی
Reti ریتی
Ayyar عیار
Makkar مکار
Fitri فطری
Cheeti Say Saaf Karna چیتی سے صاف کرنا
Ragarna رگڑنا
Ragar Kar Hamwaar Kar Dena Qataar Mein Chalna Coach Karna رگڑ کر ہموار کر دینا قطار میں چلنا کوچ کرنا
Kagzaat Tarteeb Say Rakhna کاغزات ترتیب سے رکھنا
File فائل

Definitions of File

n. An orderly succession; a line; a row.


n. A row of soldiers ranged one behind another; -- in contradistinction to rank, which designates a row of soldiers standing abreast; a number consisting the depth of a body of troops, which, in the ordinary modern formation, consists of two men, the battalion standing two deep, or in two ranks.

n. An orderly collection of papers, arranged in sequence or classified for preservation and reference; as, files of letters or of newspapers; this mail brings English files to the 15th instant.

n. The line, wire, or other contrivance, by which papers are put and kept in order.

n. A roll or list.

n. Course of thought; thread of narration.

n. a collection of data on a digital recording medium treated as a unit for the purpose of recording, reading, storage, or indexing; -- such a file is typically accessible by computer programs by the use of a file name. The data may be of any type codable digitally, such as simple ASCII-coded text, complex binary-coded data, or an executable program, or may be itself a collection of other files.

n. A steel instrument, having cutting ridges or teeth, made by indentation with a chisel, used for abrading or smoothing other substances, as metals, wood, etc.

n. Anything employed to smooth, polish, or rasp, literally or figuratively.

n. A shrewd or artful person.

intransitive v. To march in a file or line, as soldiers, not abreast, but one after another; -- generally with off.

transitive v. To set in order; to arrange, or lay away, esp. as papers in a methodical manner for preservation and reverence; to place on file; to insert in its proper place in an arranged body of papers.

transitive v. To bring before a court or legislative body by presenting proper papers in a regular way.

transitive v. To put upon the files or among the records of a court; to note on (a paper) the fact date of its reception in court.

transitive v. To rub, smooth, or cut away, with a file; to sharpen with a file.

transitive v. To smooth or polish as with a file.

transitive v. To make foul; to defile.

Form : Noun

How To Spell File : [fahyl]

Origin of File : Mid 19th century: from French, past participle of filer ‘to twist’.

Synonyms For File , Similar to File

Book, Cabinet, Case, Census, Charts, Data, Directory, Docket, Documents, Dossier, Folder, Index, Information, List, Notebook, Pigeonhole, Portfolio, Record, Register, Repository, Circular File,

Antonyms For File , Opposite to File

Disarrange, Disorder, Disorganize, Erase,

Fitri Meaning from Urdu to English is File, and in Urdu it is written as ریتی. This word is written in Roman Urdu.

Fitri Meaning in English - Find the correct meaning of Fitri in English, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from Urdu to English. There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Fitri in English is File, and in Urdu we write it ریتی. There are also several similar words to Fitri in our dictionary, which are Book, Cabinet, Case, Census, Charts, Data, Directory, Docket, Documents, Dossier, Folder, Index, Information, List, Notebook, Pigeonhole, Portfolio, Record, Register, Repository and Circular File. Apart from similar words, there are always opposite words in dictionary too, the opposite words for Fitri are Disarrange, Disorder, Disorganize and Erase. After Urdu to English translation of Fitri, If you have issues in pronunciation than you can hear the audio of it in the online dictionary.

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