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Khenchna English Meaning - Translate Khenchna into English from Urdu

Khenchna Meaning from Urdu to English, Translate Urdu word Khenchna to English. Khenchna in English means Education. Khenchna Urdu to English Translation
Roman Urdu WordKhenchna
English WordDrag
Urdu Meaningکھینچنا
Khenchna کھینچنا
Holay Holay Chalna ہولے ہولے چلنا
Sarwaan سروان
Kaanta کانٹا

Form : Verb (used With Object), Dragged, Dragging.

How To Spell Drag : [drag]

Origin of Drag : Middle English: from Old English dragan or Old Norse draga ‘to draw’; the noun partly from Middle Low German dragge ‘grapnel’.

Synonyms For Drag , Similar to Drag

Annoyance, Bore, Bother, Burden, Encumbrance, Hindrance, Impediment, Nuisance, Pain, Pest, Pill, Sway, Trouble,

Antonyms For Drag , Opposite to Drag

Aid, Assistance, Comfort, Delight, Happiness, Help, Joy, Pleasure, Good Health,

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