Jawani Ki Khasiatein English Meaning - Translate Jawani Ki Khasiatein (Youngness) into English from Urdu

Jawani Ki Khasiatein Meaning from Urdu to English is Youngness, Translate Urdu word Jawani Ki Khasiatein to English. Jawani Ki Khasiatein in English means Youngness. Jawani Ki Khasiatein Urdu to English Translation means Youngness and Youngness Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordJawani Ki Khasiatein
English WordYoungness
Urdu Meaningجوانی کی خاصیتیں
Jawani Ki Khasiatein جوانی کی خاصیتیں

Definitions of Youngness

n. The quality or state of being young.

Origin of Youngness : Late Middle English; earliest use found in The Midland Prose Psalter. From young + -ness.

Synonyms For Youngness , Similar to Youngness

Adolescence, Bloom, Boyhood, Childhood, Girlhood, Greenness, Ignorance, Immaturity, Inexperience, Innocence, Jejunity, Minority, Springtide, Teens, Youthfulness, Prime, Jejuneness, Juvenescence, Puberty, Salad Days, Awkward Age, Springtime Of Life, Tender Age,

Antonyms For Youngness , Opposite to Youngness

Adulthood, Experience, Knowledge, Maturity,

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