Jhansa Dena English Meaning - Translate Jhansa Dena (Flatter) into English from Urdu

Jhansa Dena Meaning from Urdu to English is Flatter, Translate Urdu word Jhansa Dena to English. Jhansa Dena in English means Flatter. Jhansa Dena Urdu to English Translation means Flatter and Flatter Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordJhansa Dena
English WordFlatter
Urdu Meaningپھسلانا
Zaroorat Say Ziada Tareef Karna ضرورت سے ذیادہ تعریف کرنا
Khoshamad Karna خوشامد کرنا
Phislana پھسلانا
Dam Dena دم دینا
Jhansa Dena جھانسا دینا

Definitions of Flatter

n. One who, or that which, makes flat or flattens.


n. A flat-faced fulling hammer.

n. A drawplate with a narrow, rectangular orifice, for drawing flat strips, as watch springs, etc.

intransitive v. To use flattery or insincere praise.

transitive v. To treat with praise or blandishments; to gratify or attempt to gratify the self-love or vanity of, esp. by artful and interested commendation or attentions; to blandish; to cajole; to wheedle.

transitive v. To raise hopes in; to encourage or favorable, but sometimes unfounded or deceitful, representations.

transitive v. To portray too favorably; to give a too favorable idea of.

Form : Verb (used With Object)

How To Spell Flatter : [flat-er]

Origin of Flatter : Middle English: perhaps a back-formation from flattery.

Synonyms For Flatter , Similar to Flatter

Adulate, Blandish, Bootlick, Cajole, Charm, Con, Court, Fawn, Glorify, Grovel, Humor, Inveigle, Jolly, Massage, Oil, Praise, Salve, Sell, Snow, Soften, Stroke, Toady, Wheedle, Build Up, Work On, Work Over, Butter Up, Overpraise, Beslaver, Cater To, Get Next To, Lay It On Thick, Rub The Right Way, Spread It On, Suck Up To, Sweeten Up,

Antonyms For Flatter , Opposite to Flatter

Belittle, Castigate, Condemn, Criticize, Denounce, Ignore, Insult, Mismatch, Offend,

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