Laaya Howa English Meaning - Translate Laaya Howa (Brought) into English from Urdu

Laaya Howa Meaning from Urdu to English is Brought, Translate Urdu word Laaya Howa to English. Laaya Howa in English means Brought. Laaya Howa Urdu to English Translation means Brought and Brought Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordLaaya Howa
English WordBrought
Urdu Meaningلائی
Laaya Howa لایا ہوا
Laaye لائے
Lai لائی
Laaya لایا

Form : Verb

How To Spell Brought : [brawt]

Synonyms For Brought , Similar to Brought

Attend, Back, Bear, Buck, Carry, Chaperon, Companion, Conduct, Consort, Convey, Deliver, Escort, Fetch, Gather, Guide, Gun, Heel, Import, Lead, Lug, Pack, Piggyback, Ride, Schlepp, Shoulder, Take, Tote, Transfer, Transport, Truck, Usher, Pick Up, Take Along,

Antonyms For Brought , Opposite to Brought

Abandon, Avoid, Desist, Disenchant, Disperse, Distribute, Dodge, Drop, Fail, Free, Hold, Keep, Leave, Lose, Maintain, Neglect, Quit, Refuse, Repulse, Shun, Give Up, Back Out, Hold Back, Pass Up,

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