Makar Karna English Meaning - Translate Makar Karna (Deceive) into English from Urdu

Makar Karna Meaning from Urdu to English is Deceive, Translate Urdu word Makar Karna to English. Makar Karna in English means Deceive. Makar Karna Urdu to English Translation means Deceive and Deceive Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordMakar Karna
English WordDeceive
Urdu Meaningمکر کرنا
Makar Karna مکر کرنا
Faraib Karna فریب کرنا
Mayoos Karna مایوس کرنا

Definitions of Deceive

transitive v. To lead into error; to cause to believe what is false, or disbelieve what is true; to impose upon; to mislead; to cheat; to disappoint; to delude; to insnare.

transitive v. To beguile; to amuse, so as to divert the attention; to while away; to take away as if by deception.

transitive v. To deprive by fraud or stealth; to defraud.

Form : Verb (used With Object), Deceived, Deceiving.

How To Spell Deceive : [dih-seev]

Origin of Deceive : Middle English: from Old French deceivre, from Latin decipere ‘catch, ensnare, cheat’.

Synonyms For Deceive , Similar to Deceive

Abatis, Bamboozle, Beat, Beguile, Betray, Bilk, Buffalo, Burn, Cheat, Circumvent, Clip, Con, Cozen, Defraud, Delude, Disappoint, Dupe, Ensnare, Entrap, Fake, Falsify, Fleece, Fool, Gouge, Gull, Hoax, Hoodwink, Hook, Humbug, Outwit, Rob, Scam, Screw, Sell, Skin, Swindle, Trick, Victimize, Take In, Put On, Take Advantage Of, Beat Out Of,

Antonyms For Deceive , Opposite to Deceive

Aid, Assist, Give, Help, Offer, Release, Support, Let Go, Protect, Be Honest,

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