Numaya Hona English Meaning - Translate Numaya Hona (Appearing) into English from Urdu

Numaya Hona Meaning from Urdu to English is Appearing, Translate Urdu word Numaya Hona to English. Numaya Hona in English means Appearing. Numaya Hona Urdu to English Translation means Appearing and Appearing Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordNumaya Hona
English WordAppearing
Urdu Meaningچھپنا
Nazar Aana نظر آنا
Sae Hona سائع ہونا
Numaya Hona نمایاں ہونا
Chupna چھپنا

Synonyms For Appearing , Similar to Appearing

Arise, Arrive, Attend, Come, Develop, Emerge, Expose, Issue, Loom, Materialize, Occur, Recur, Rise, Show, Spring, Surface, Present, Turn Up, Show Up, Check In, Drop In, Blow In, Bob Up, Breeze In, Clock In, Make The Scene, Pop In, Pop Up, Punch The Clock, Roll In, Ring In, Come Out, Turn Out, Crop Up, Be Present, Be Within View, Break Through, Come Forth, Come Into View, Come To Light, Punch In,

Antonyms For Appearing , Opposite to Appearing

Abandon, Conceal, Depart, Disappear, Go, Hide, Leave, Miss, Be Real,

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