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Pchaswan English Meaning - Translate Pchaswan into English from Urdu

Pchaswan Meaning from Urdu to English, Translate Urdu word Pchaswan to English. Pchaswan in English means Education. Pchaswan Urdu to English Translation
Roman Urdu WordPchaswan
English WordFiftieth
Urdu Meaningپَچاسواں
Pchaswan پَچاسواں
Pchaswan Number پَچاسواں نَمبَر
Pchaswan Hissa پَچاسواں حِصّہ

Definitions of Fiftieth

adj. Next in order after the forty-ninth; -- the ordinal of fifty.

adj. Consisting of one of fifty equal parts or divisions.

n. One of fifty equal parts; the quotient of a unit divided by fifty.

Form : Adjective

How To Spell Fiftieth : [fif-tee-ith]

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