Pehlay Se Batana Meaning in English

The Correct Meaning of Pehlay Se Batana in English is Forespeak. Other similar words for Pehlay Se Batana include Pehlay Se Batana, Pishin Goi Karna, Aagah Karna and Ishara Dena. Explore this page to Translate Pehlay Se Batana (Forespeak) into English accurately.

Pehlay Se Batana

پہلے سے بتانا


[fawr-speek, fohr-]

Definitions of Forespeak

transitive v. See forspeak.

transitive v. To foretell; to predict.

Form Verb (used With Object), Forespoke Or (Archaic) Forespake; Forespoken Or (Archaic) Forespoke; Forespeaking.

How To Spell Forespeak [fawr-speek, fohr-]

Antonyms For Forespeak , Opposite to Forespeak

Calculate, Disbelieve, Ignore, Measure, Misunderstand,

Pehlay Se Batana Meaning from Urdu to English is Forespeak, and in Urdu it is written as پہلے سے بتانا. This word is written in Roman Urdu.

Pehlay Se Batana Meaning in English - Find the correct meaning of Pehlay Se Batana in English, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from Urdu to English. There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Pehlay Se Batana in English is Forespeak, and in Urdu we write it پہلے سے بتانا The word Forespeak is an verb (used with object), forespoke or (Archaic) forespake; forespoken or (Archaic) forespoke; forespeaking. It is spelled as [fawr-speek, fohr-]. There are also several similar words to Pehlay Se Batana in our dictionary, which are Adumbrate, Anticipate, Augur, Bantus, Call, Conclude, Conjecture, Croak, Envision, Figure, Forebode, Forecast, Foresee, Foretell, Gather, Guess, Infer, Judge, Omen, Portend, Read, Suppose, Surmise, Telegraph, Think, Vaticinate, Presage, Have A Hunch, Presume, Be Afraid, Size Up, Prophesy, Psych Out, Figure Out, Prognosticate, Hazard A Guess, Make Book, See Coming, Call It and See Handwriting On Wall. Apart from similar words, there are always opposite words in dictionary too, the opposite words for Pehlay Se Batana are Calculate, Disbelieve, Ignore, Measure and Misunderstand. After Urdu to English translation of Pehlay Se Batana, If you have issues in pronunciation than you can hear the audio of it in the online dictionary.