Takhat Nasheen Karna English Meaning - Translate Takhat Nasheen Karna (Enthrones) into English from Urdu

Takhat Nasheen Karna Meaning from Urdu to English is Enthrones, Translate Urdu word Takhat Nasheen Karna to English. Takhat Nasheen Karna in English means Enthrones. Takhat Nasheen Karna Urdu to English Translation means Enthrones and Enthrones Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordTakhat Nasheen Karna
English WordEnthrones
Urdu Meaningبادشاہ بنانا
Rutba Haasil Karna رتبہ حاصل کرنا
Badshah Banana بادشاہ بنانا
Takhat Nasheen Karna تخت نشین کرنا

Synonyms For Enthrones , Similar to Enthrones

Adorn, Arm, Authorize, Commission, Coronate, Delegate, Determine, Dower, Enable, Endow, Endue, Ennoble, Enthrone, Erect, Establish, Exalt, Festoon, Fix, Heighten, Honor, Inaugurate, Induct, Install, Invest, Raise, Sanction, Settle, Stabilize, Strengthen, Set Up,

Antonyms For Enthrones , Opposite to Enthrones

Change, Confuse, Denounce, Destroy, Disallow, Dishonor, Disregard, Fine, Hurt, Ignore, Neglect, Raze, Stop, Unsettle, Weaken, Prevent, Punish,

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