Tawajah Dena English Meaning - Translate Tawajah Dena (Harkened) into English from Urdu

Tawajah Dena Meaning from Urdu to English is Harkened, Translate Urdu word Tawajah Dena to English. Tawajah Dena in English means Harkened. Tawajah Dena Urdu to English Translation means Harkened and Harkened Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordTawajah Dena
English WordHarkened
Urdu Meaning توجہ دینا
Ghhor Se Sُnna غور سے سُننا
Tawajah Dena توجُّہ دینا
Mutwajjah Hona متوجہ ہونا
Tawajah Dena توجہ دینا

Synonyms For Harkened , Similar to Harkened

Accept, Admit, Adopt, Attend, Audit, Catch, Concentrate, Eavesdrop, Entertain, Get, Hark, Harken, Hearken, Mind, Monitor, Obey, Observe, Overhear, Receive, Welcome, Get A Load Of, Take Notice, Be All Ears, Tune In On, Pick Up On, Give Attention, Tune In, Take Under Advisement, Hear Out, Auscultate, Be Attentive, Give An Audience To, Give Heed To, Hang On Words, Hear Tell, Lend An Ear, Prick Up Ears, Take Advice, Take Into Consideration,

Antonyms For Harkened , Opposite to Harkened

Deny, Disobey, Dispute, Disregard, Forget, Ignore, Miss, Neglect, Refuse, Reject, Speak, Talk, Turn Away,

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