Yakh Taab English Meaning - Translate Yakh Taab (Iceblink) into English from Urdu

Yakh Taab Meaning from Urdu to English is Iceblink, Translate Urdu word Yakh Taab to English. Yakh Taab in English means Iceblink. Yakh Taab Urdu to English Translation means Iceblink and Iceblink Meaning in Roman Urdu
Roman Urdu WordYakh Taab
English WordIceblink
Urdu Meaningعکسِ برف
Yakh Taab یخ تاب
Inikaas Yakh انعکاس یخ
Aks Barf عکسِ برف

Form : Noun

How To Spell Iceblink : [ahys-blingk]

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