Urdu Word بے حجاب Meaning in English - Unabashed - بے حجاب کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of بے حجاب . Bay Hijaab Translation from Urdu into English means Unabashed. Find English Meaning of بے حجاب and related words to Bay Hijaab and Unabashed
Searched WordBay Hijaab
English WordUnabashed
Urdu Meaningبے حجاب
Bay Baak بے باک
Bay Hijaab بے حجاب
Bay Sharam بے شرم

Form : Adjective

How To Spell Unabashed : [uhn-uh-basht]

Synonyms For Unabashed , Similar to Unabashed

Abandoned, Arrant, Audacious, Barefaced, Blatant, Bold, Brash, Brassy, Brazen, Cheeky, Depraved, Dissolute, Flagrant, Forward, Hardened, Immodest, Immoral, Improper, Impudent, Incorrigible, Insolent, Lewd, Outrageous, Overbold, Reprobate, Rude, Unashamed, Unblushing, Unchaste, Unprincipled, Wanton, Profligate, Presumptuous, Brazenfaced,

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