Urdu Word چوٹی Meaning in English - Peaking - چوٹی کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of چوٹی . Choti Translation from Urdu into English means Peaking. Find English Meaning of چوٹی and related words to Choti and Peaking
Searched WordChoti
English WordPeaking
Urdu Meaningچوٹی
Choti چوٹی
Noke نوک
Dubla Ho Jana دبلا ہو جانا
Bemaar Nazar Aana بیمار نظرآنا
Sira سرا

Definitions of Peaking

adj. Mean; sneaking.

adj. Pining; sickly; peakish.

Synonyms For Peaking , Similar to Peaking

Climax, Crest, Culminate, Come To A Head, Be At Height, Reach The Top, Reach The Zenith,

Antonyms For Peaking , Opposite to Peaking

Fall, Plunge, Hit Bottom,

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