Urdu Word دلیری Meaning in English - Audaciousness - دلیری کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of دلیری . Dileri Translation from Urdu into English means Audaciousness. Find English Meaning of دلیری and related words to Dileri and Audaciousness
Searched WordDileri
English WordAudaciousness
Urdu Meaningدلیری
Dileri دلیری
Jurrat جرات

Definitions of Audaciousness

n. The quality of being audacious; impudence; audacity.

Synonyms For Audaciousness , Similar to Audaciousness

Audacity, Boldness, Grit, Rashness, Recklessness, Spunk, Temerity, Adventurousness, Adventuresomeness, Venturesomeness, Daredeviltry, Daredevilry, Daringness,

Antonyms For Audaciousness , Opposite to Audaciousness

Care, Carefulness, Caution, Cowardice, Timidity,

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