Urdu Word ماننا Meaning in English - Credited - ماننا کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of ماننا . Maanna Translation from Urdu into English means Credited. Find English Meaning of ماننا and related words to Maanna and Credited
Searched WordMaanna
English WordCredited
Urdu Meaningماننا
Aitbaar اعتبار
Bharosa بھروسہ
Jama جمع
Wasooli وصولی
Yaqeen Karna یقین کرنا
Tasleem Karna تسلیم کرنا
Maanna ماننا

Synonyms For Credited , Similar to Credited

Accept, Buy, Consider, Deem, Feel, Hold, Sense, Swallow, Think, Trust, Fall For, Have Faith In, Rely On, Bank On, Pat On Back, Take As Gospel Truth,

Antonyms For Credited , Opposite to Credited

Disbelieve, Discard, Discredit, Mistrust, Reject, Renege, Not Buy, Not Subscribe,

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