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Urdu Word نیم رُخ Meaning in English - Guardant - نیم رُخ کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of نیم رُخ . Name Rukh Translation from Urdu into English means Guardant. Find English Meaning of نیم رُخ and related words to Name Rukh and Guardant
Searched WordName Rukh
English WordGuardant
Urdu Meaningنیم رُخ
Name Rukh نیم رُخ
Iss Terhan Ke Jism Pehlu Ki Taraf Aur Munh Samnay Ki Taraf Ho اِس طرح کہ جِسم پہلو کی طرف اور مُنہ سامنے کی طرف ہو

Definitions of Guardant

adj. Acting as guardian.

adj. Same as Gardant.

n. A guardian.

Form : Adjective, Heraldry.

How To Spell Guardant : [gahr-dnt]

Origin of Guardant : Late 16th century: from French gardant ‘guarding’, from garder ‘to guard’.

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