Urdu Word سردی سے اکڑنا Meaning in English - Starving - سردی سے اکڑنا کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of سردی سے اکڑنا . Sardi Say Akarna Translation from Urdu into English means Starving. Find English Meaning of سردی سے اکڑنا and related words to Sardi Say Akarna and Starving
Searched WordSardi Say Akarna
English WordStarving
Urdu Meaningسردی سے اکڑنا
Faqa Kashi Karna فاقہ کشی کرنا
Bhookhon Marna بھوکوں مرنا
Sakht Mohtaaj Hona سخت محتاج ہونا
Bay Hud Shoq Rakhna بے حد شوق رکھنا
Sardi Say Akarna سردی سے اکڑنا

Synonyms For Starving , Similar to Starving

Craving, Dehydrated, Drawn, Dying, Emaciated, Empty, Faint, Famished, Haggard, Hungering, Hungry, Malnourished, Peaked, Peaky, Peckish, Perishing, Pinched, Ravenous, Skinny, Starved, Thin, Underfed, Undernourished, Weakened, Flying Light, Have Munchies,

Antonyms For Starving , Opposite to Starving

Fat, Full, Healthy, Heavy, Sated, Satiated, Satisfied, Strong, Thick,

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