Urdu Word واللہ Meaning in English - Gory - واللہ کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of واللہ . Wallah Translation from Urdu into English means Gory. Find English Meaning of واللہ and related words to Wallah and Gory
Searched WordWallah
English WordGory
Urdu Meaningواللہ
Khuda Ki Qasam خدا کی قسم
Wallah واللہ
Ba Khuda بخدا

Definitions of Gory

adj. Covered with gore or clotted blood.

adj. Bloody; murderous.

Form : Adjective, Gorier, Goriest.

How To Spell Gory : [gawr-ee, gohr-ee]

Synonyms For Gory , Similar to Gory

Bleeding, Bloodstained, Imbrued, Murderous, Offensive, Sanguinary, Sanguine, Bloodletting,

Antonyms For Gory , Opposite to Gory

Mild, Pleasant, Pleasing,

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