Urdu Word زیرِ زبان Meaning in English - Hypoglossal - زیرِ زبان کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of زیرِ زبان . Zair E Zabaan Translation from Urdu into English means Hypoglossal. Find English Meaning of زیرِ زبان and related words to Zair E Zabaan and Hypoglossal
Searched WordZair E Zabaan
English WordHypoglossal
Urdu Meaningزیرِ زبان
Tehat Lisan تحتِ لسان
Zair E Zabaan زیرِ زبان
Kalie Ya Juzwi Tor Par Zabaan Ke Neechay Waqay کلی یا جزوی طور پر زبان کے نیچے واقع

Definitions of Hypoglossal

adj. Under the tongue; -- applied esp., in the higher vertebrates, to the twelfth or last pair of cranial nerves, which are distributed to the base of the tongue.

Form : Adjective

How To Spell Hypoglossal : [hahy-puh-glos-uh l, -glaw-suh l]

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