Urdu Word زندہ رہنا Meaning in English - Lasted - زندہ رہنا کا مطلب انگلش میں

Urdu to English Meaning of زندہ رہنا . Zindah Rehna Translation from Urdu into English means Lasted. Find English Meaning of زندہ رہنا and related words to Zindah Rehna and Lasted
Searched WordZindah Rehna
English WordLasted
Urdu Meaningزندہ رہنا
Aakhir آخر
Pichla پچھلا
Qaim Rehna قائم رہنا
Zindah Rehna زندہ رہنا
Jootay Ka Kaleed جوتے کا کالید

Synonyms For Lasted , Similar to Lasted

Continue, Endure, Last, Persevere, Persist, Remain, Survive, Keep On,

Antonyms For Lasted , Opposite to Lasted

Cease, Depart, Despise, Dispute, Go, Leave, Migrate, Move, Pass, Quit, Refuse, Reject, Resist, Shun, Stop, Carry On,

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