Postgraduate Scholarships

The education after Masters demands a lot from the students. Specifically, there are a lot of students in Pakistan who have financial issues. Therefore every year, many institutes come out to provide scholarships for aiding the candidates financially.

Further, after doing Bachelor, students move towards post-graduation. Although it requires a lot, but also candidates have to fulfill the eligibility criterion. Furthermore, Post-graduate Scholarships are available for helping and promoting education. Pursuing the next degree is easy because of the scholarships, and it is the golden chance for students to avail of them.

Furthermore, there are different criteria and schemes that students follow. Importantly in Pakistan, there are also some institutes that offer international scholarships. Moreover, after availing such scholarships, students apply for foreign progress and make progress internationally.

Most importantly, there is always a procedure that candidates follow. Otherwise, they can lose scholarships. Further, candidates have to undertake the dates of the scholarships for their post-graduation. Consequently, students can grow and make it successful with such scholarships.

Different scholarships in Pakistan

Many scholarships in Pakistan remain open on merit bases particularly. Therefore, the majority of students can get the chance for free education all over the year. Further, the thing that matters is the eligibility criteria that students have to follow.

Furthermore, the major scholarships in Pakistan are the following for postgraduates:

  • Alfalah scholarships
  • Bahria town MS PhD scholarships
  • HEC Scholarships for overseas
  • MORA scholarships for minority
  • Dalda Foundation scholarships
  • SIIT Thailand Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship
  • HEC Undergraduate Scholarships for students of Baluchistan & Fata
  • Khalid Sherdil Undergraduate and Masters Scholarship
  • Scotland Pakistan Scottish Scholarships for Masters and Mphill programs

Eligibility criteria for postgraduates

Mainly it is the most important part of the procedure of applying scholarships for the universities. Moreover, the basic eligibility criteria for Postgraduate Scholarships are the following:

  • Firstly candidates have to check the exact dates of applying for scholarships in specific organizations.
  • Further, candidates must have 60% marks in graduation.
  • Moreover, candidates who are studying continuously can apply for scholarships.
  • Specifically, candidates scan their documents keenly before applying.
  • Furthermore, govt university students can only apply for scholarships mainly.


I conclude that Postgraduate Scholarships are the hope for students in making their future careers. Further, by availing such opportunities, students can make their future bright and make Pakistan proud in the field of education. Furthermore, students who can not afford the expenses should apply for the scholarships.

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