Govt Girls High School (GGHS) Muhallah Dogran Qasimpur Colony Multan, Multan

Govt Girls High School Muhallah Dogran Qasimpur Colony Multan is located in Multan District of Punjab Province in Pakistan. There are total 855 students and 24 teachers, and 14 classrooms in the school. There is no computer lab or computer students, and no library for students is available.. Shaista Perveen is the headmaster of the school. You can find more information about GGHS Muhallah Dogran Qasimpur Colony Multan School including Admissions, Basic Facilities, Sports Facilities, Academic Facilities, Enrollment of Students according to class & teachers profile according to their designation and qualifications.

GGHS Muhallah Dogran Qasimpur Colony Multan Headmaster

NameShaista Perveen

GGHS Muhallah Dogran Qasimpur Colony Multan Teaching Staff

Name Designation Grade Posting in School Qualification
Abida Perveen EST(E) 14 2016 B.A.
Asia Jameel PST/PTC/JV 09 2006 M.A.
Farhat Jabeen PST/PTC/JV 12 2010 F.A.
Farhat Niaz EST(GENRAL) 14 2008 M.A.
Farzana Alam S.S.T.(GEN) 16 2011 M.A.
Farzana Naz PST/PTC/JV 09 1993 F.A.
Firdos Zahra PST/PTC/JV 10 1999 B.A.
Fozia Kosar EST(E) 14 2008 B.A.
Lubna Kosar SESE(M) 14 2000 M.A.
Mariya Zafar S.S.T.(BIO) 16 2009 M.SC.
Mehmooda Ilmas EST(GENRAL) 15 2016 M.A.
Nageena Bano PST/PTC/JV 09 2003 M.A.
Rabia Nazar PST/PTC/JV 09 2016 B.A.
Rahat Anwar SSE(P-M) 16 2009 M.SC.
Razia Begum PST/PTC/JV 12 2010 F.A.
Rozina Iqbal PST/PTC/JV 09 2003 M.A.
Rukhshanda Shehnaz PST/PTC/JV 09 1994 M.A.
Rukhshanda Zaheer ESE(S-M) 09 2016 M.A.
Saima Mansoor PST/PTC/JV 09 2012 M.A.
Sakina Khanam EST(E) 14 2010 M.A.
Shaista Nooreen HEADMASTER 17 2006 M.A.
Shazia Umar Din EST(E) 14 2010 M.A.
Tahira Shehnaz PST/PTC/JV 09 2012 F.A.
Zahida Mubeen SSE(CS) 16 2009 MCS

GGHS Muhallah Dogran Qasimpur Colony Multan Facilities

Basic Facilities

Drinking WaterAvailable
Boundary WallAvailable
Main GateAvailable
Play GroundNot Available
ToiletsNot Available
Teachers Furniture24
Students Furniture630

Sports Facilities

Table TennisNo

Academic Facilities

No.of Books537
Computer LabsNo
Computer Students107

Enrollment of Student

Kachi91 Students
Class 183 Students
Class 297 Students
Class 376 Students
Class 481 Students
Class 551 Students
Class 675 Students
Class 767 Students
Class 872 Students
Class 972 Students
Class 1090 Students
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