Govt High School (GHS) Makhdoom Rasheed, Multan

Govt High School Makhdoom Rasheed is located in Multan District of Punjab Province in Pakistan. There are total 506 students and 16 teachers, and 15 classrooms in the school. There is no computer lab or computer students, and no library for students is available.. Abdul Rasheed Babar is the headmaster of the school. You can find more information about GHS Makhdoom Rasheed School including Admissions, Basic Facilities, Sports Facilities, Academic Facilities, Enrollment of Students according to class & teachers profile according to their designation and qualifications.

GHS Makhdoom Rasheed Headmaster

NameAbdul Rasheed Babar

GHS Makhdoom Rasheed Teaching Staff

Name Designation Grade Posting in School Qualification
Abdul Rasheed Babar SR.HM 18 2008 M.A.
Javed Hussain Shah S.S.T.(GEN) 16 2009 M.A.
Khlid Mohmood EST(GENRAL) 15 1999 B.A.
Moneer Ahmed EST(A)/A.T 14 1996 S.ULMA
Mosdeer Nazeer SSE(CS) 16 2009 F.A.
Muhammad Akram S.S.T.(SC) 17 2012 B.SC.
Muhammad Khlid Aneem S.S.T.(GEN) 16 2016 M.A.
Muhammad Shmees Hiq EST(GENRAL) 14 2011 M.A.
Naseear Ahmed S.S.T.(SC) 16 2004 M.SC.
Rab Nawaz S.S.T.(GEN) 18 2009 M.A.
Safder Abbas Shah EST(GENRAL) 14 2011 M.A.
Seead Ahmed Shah EST(GENRAL) 17 2011 M.A.
Shobead Habib EST(D)/D.M. 14 2006 F.A.
Sleem Akhter EST(E) 15 2011 M.A.
Wqais Naeem EST(GENRAL) 14 2011 M.A.
Zabeer Ahmed S.S.T.(SC) 17 1996 M.A.

GHS Makhdoom Rasheed Facilities

Basic Facilities

Drinking WaterAvailable
Boundary WallAvailable
Main GateAvailable
Play GroundNot Available
ToiletsNot Available
Teachers Furniture0
Students Furniture0

Sports Facilities

Table TennisYes

Academic Facilities

No.of Books2977
Computer LabsNo
Computer Students310

Enrollment of Student

Class 647 Students
Class 754 Students
Class 881 Students
Class 9202 Students
Class 10122 Students
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