Over 2.5 Mln Tons Meat To Be Produced In FY 2021-22


Over 2.5 mln tons meat to be produced in FY 2021-22

Government has set a target to produce about 5.219 million tons of meat during next fiscal year in order to meet with domestic requirements as well as for exporting

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jun, 2021 ) :Government has set a target to produce about 5.219 million tons of meat during next fiscal year in order to meet with domestic requirements as well as for exporting.

During the period under review about 2.4 million tons of beef to be produced,where mutton production targets were fixed at 782,000 tons to tackle with the local consumption, according to a budget document.

Domestic meat output during current fiscal year (July-February) witnessed about 5.2 percent growth as local production of above mentioned commodity reached to 3.303 million tons as against the output of 3.139 million tons of same period of last year, it added.

Beef production grew by 3.4 percent and mutton 2.3 percent respectively as 2.461 million tons of beef and 782,000 tons of mutton produced during the period under review as compared the output of same period of last year, it added.

The poultry production targets for fiscal year 2021-22 were fixed at 1.997 million tons as out put of poultry registered about 9.2 percent growth during out going fiscal year, it added.

During the period from July-February poultry out was recorded at 1.206 million tons as compared the output of 1.105 million tons of year 2019-20.

It might be recalled hare that agriculture sector growth projected at 3.5 percent was mainly contingent upon revival of cotton production, consistent availability of water, certified seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and agriculture credit facilities.

"Several projects and programs are thus envisaged to improve food and agriculture sector such as "Prime Minister's Agriculture Emergency Program" the establishment of Food Security Information System (FSIS) and "Agriculture Transformation Plan".

The government has also proposed special initiatives for the development of agriculture sector and prosperity of farming community in the country, as special emphasis was paid on small land holders up to 12.5 acres.

In this regard,banking sector in the country was mobilized to extend credit facilities to far flung areas and to provided cheap loans to growers, particularly small land holdings to enhance agriculture output and alleviate poverty.

The government was intended that every farming household would be provided Rs 250,000 interest free loan for purchasing agriculture inputs and Rs 200,000 for the purchasing tractor and other machinery to bring innovation and technological advancement in local agriculture sector.

To discourage the role of middle man and exploitation of farmers, marketing infrastructure would be developed and improved, besides incentives and supports would be extended for farmers for establishing storage facilities that would also ensure proper rate of return to growers.

The development of marketing services, cold storage facilities and building strategic reserves of food commodities would also help curb the menace of hoardings, artificial shortage of food commodities and practice of extra profiteering that would lead the country towards price stabilization in local markets.