Punjab Government Distributes Cheques Among Farmers Under Crop Insurance Scheme


Punjab government distributes cheques among farmers under Crop Insurance Scheme

Agriculture Minister Malk Nauman Langraial distributes insurance money among 1,696 farmers, says the scheme will be strengthen in coming days.

LAHORE- (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News- 16th March, 2019) Punjab government has launched crop insurance scheme first time in the history of Pakistan and divided cheques among farmers in this regard.

Agriculture Minister Malk Nauman Langraial distributed insurance money among 1,696 farmers in Chechawatni and announced the scheme will be strengthen in coming days.

He said the government will make all efforts to provide benefit to small farmers. The promotion of agriculture sector, he said, was top priority of the government.

CIS scheme has been launched through the Bank of Punjab and two insurance companies of the national level but it is hoped that with the passage of time, he said.

According to details, farmers will be able to get life insurance as well as crop insurance under the new agriculture insurance. Under this scheme farmers with 1-50 acres of land would be compensated 50 to 70 percent of the crop value in the eventuality of crop loss caused by natural calamity while their entire loan would be covered.

Langrial said Punjab government was working hard to bring revolution in the life of common man.

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