Who Is Real Owner Of ‘Parizaad’ House, Cars Used In Drama?


Who is real owner of ‘Parizaad’ house, cars used in drama?

Hum TV drama “Parizaad” isn't only climbing graphs of popularity in Pakistan but also having its presence strongly felt in other countries of the world because of strong and compelling story idea.

The drama has created a significant place due to its fantastic production, Steller starcast, brilliant storyline and excellent acting.
Fans including everyone who is watching this drama excited to know about Parizaad from the story to the cast and the locations.

The most interesting and attractive thing in the drama – which has become circle of attention for fans – is massive dreamy palace like house of Seth Behroz Kareem.
Fans got hooked to the luxurious house of Parizaad when listened Parizard’s Promos and OST.

In the drama, the Parizaad mansion was beautifully shot from inside and outside. This palace like house was lavishly used for all the scenes of the main leads.
Real story of the house and cars, which are being used in the drama, have been exposed when I reached out to the real owner of the famous house.
The house used in Parizaad is worth 60 crore PKR, all the cars and Range Rovers that were used in the house also belonged to Usman Zafar Cheema.

The house is located in Gulbergs Green Islamabad which was built in 2018. “The total area of the house is 10 kanals. The buildup area of the house is big as 32000 square feet but it has only 14 lavish rooms, it has multiples lounges and corridors.

Now people come and pay visit to his house after the drama. He said that there is Map guide video to his house on YouTube,” the owner said.
He also said that the drama team used house and cars for around 13 days.

Usman said that now his house is for sale. He said that he was reluctant initially after seeing the owner of the house in the drama as a gangster but then the makers consoled him and said that later it will belong to Parizaad who is a good person.

He said that his family members also called him in Canada and reported to him that his house is coming in drama and now the popularity is massive.
Usman Cheema further said that this drama is being watched by Indian stars including Katrina Kaif.

He also told everyone that this house can be rent out or sold as both options are available. He is shifting in newly-build house in-front of this Parizaad mansion.