Argentine Presidential Candidates Agree To Cooperate To Reduce Vote's Impact On Economy

Argentine Presidential Candidates Agree to Cooperate to Reduce Vote's Impact on Economy

BUENOS AIRES (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 15th August, 2019) The main rivals in the upcoming presidential election in Argentina incumbent President Mauricio Macri and leader of the opposition alliance Front for All Alberto Fernandez have agreed to cooperate to reduce the impact of the electoral process on the country's economy, Macri said on Wednesday.

"We have recently had good and long phone talks with Alberto Fernandez. He promised to cooperate and do everything possible to reduce the impact of this electoral process and political uncertainty on the economy to a minimum," Macri wrote on Twitter.

The president added that Fernandez had expressed willingness to ensure stability on financial markets, and the parties had agreed to continue the dialogue.

On Monday, the results of the primaries showed that Fernandez' Front for All gained over 47 percent of the vote, while the Together for Change coalition of Macri received only 32 percent. The vote is an opportunity to determine potential front-runners of the October presidential race.

Amid the news about the opposition's victory in the primaries, the country's main stock exchange index collapsed by 38 percent, which became one of the worst indicators in history. Many shops have already announced to raise prices by 15 percent.

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