Budget 2021-22 Will Provide Economic Prosperity In Pakistan: Senator Ali Zafar


Budget 2021-22 will provide economic prosperity in Pakistan: Senator Ali Zafar

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Jun, 2021 ) :Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Senator Syed Ali Zafar on Tuesday declared Budget 2021--22 as an agenda of economic prosperity and development for the country.

"It (Budget) different by it's kind from all of the previous budgets that presented by different governments." he said.

Taking part in budget debate during the Senate Session, he said that the current Budget2021-22 could be called as the budget of the poor and middle class as well.

Senator Ali Zafar said the government has followed the both 'Trickle Down' and 'Bottom up' in the budget to benefit the underprivileged people of the society for alleviating their lifestyle and providing them all facilities of life.

He said that local and international think tanks and media institutions have admired the current budget and discussed their analysis in a positive way for providing relief to the middle and lower middle class of the country.

He said that, in this Budget, the government has also benefited the women entrepreneurs and given 25 percent tax relief to the women business in the country.

He said that, in the past, the economic situation of the country was not good enough because of the poor economic policies of the previous governments.

Ali Zafar said that Pakistan has been faced three consecutive deficits, including the Current Account Deficit (COD), financial deficit and trade deficit also in the past.

But now, he said, "We have Current Account Surplus and also our exports are growing by 14 percent and imports are shirking in all sectors." He said that the country's remittances have increased up to 29 billion for the first time in the economic history of the country.

"We have achieved economic stability and this budget is a way forward for a growth strategy to achieve high economic growth" he said.

He said in the current budget, the government has allocated huge resources for modernization of the agriculture sector and also promoting the research and innovation in this sector.

Addressing the Senate session, PTI Senator Zeeshan Khandzada, on his turn, said that in the current Budget 2021-22, the government has provided a tax relief to all of the sectors.

He said that "Tax Enforcement and Collection" were the two pronged strategy for broadening the tax net in this budget in order to achieving the economic growth in the country.

He said that the PTI government is working for the coming generation to execute the development projects particularly in the education and health sectors.

"We are focusing on improving the business environment and enhancing the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) through the one widow operation in the industrial sector of the country" he said.