FEISCA Emphasises More Steps For Solarisation


FEISCA emphasises more steps for solarisation

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Jun, 2024) The Federation of Engineering Institutions of South and Central Asia (FEISCA) has appreciated various measures for solarisation in the country and called upon the government to provide soft loans for promoting renewable energy to meet ever-increasing demand of uninterrupted cheap electricity and mitigate emerging threat of climate change across the country.

FEISCA Secretary General Engineer Mian Sultan Mahmood Arain said this while talking to Managing Director Creative Group Ms. Fatima, here on Sunday. He said that like in rest of the world, Pakistan is also faced with significant challenges from climate change. Industries and households are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, which exacerbate these challenges. "However, we have a tremendous opportunity to mitigate these threats and transition towards a greener, more economically viable energy source of solar power," he added.

The FEISCA secretary suggested the government to launch a comprehensive soft loans scheme for both industrial and domestic sectors for solarisation and providing financial support to businesses and households looking to invest in solar energy systems.

"This would help us achieve several critical objectives," he added.

Solar power is increasingly becoming a cost-effective source of energy and by facilitating its adoption through loans, we can reduce energy costs for both industries and households, thereby improving the economic well-being of our people.

Sultan Arain said that relying on solar energy will reduce dependence on fossil fuels and imported energy sources, besides enhancing our energy security and reduce vulnerability to global energy price fluctuations.

He said solar energy is clean and renewable, emitting no greenhouse gases during its operation and encouraging its adoption will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to global climate change mitigation efforts.

On this occasion, Ms Fatima disclosed that Creative Group in Lahore is the first one in the country that’s operating successfully its plants absolutely 100 percent on solar and biogas with zero bills of LESCO and SNGPL.She also stressed the needs for fully exploiting our abundant natural resources to meet our demands conveniently and government must focus on it to achieve the desired results of economic development and prosperity.