Fiat Avoids Trump Wrath, But Mexico Imports Coming Soon


Fiat avoids Trump wrath, but Mexico imports coming soon

DETROIT, Jan 7, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 07th Jan, 2017 ) - Fiat Chrysler so far has escaped the wrath of President-elect Donald Trump's Twitter feed, but the automaker is due to start importing models from Mexico as soon as this month.

Fiat Chrysler shifted production of the new Jeep Compass to Mexico so it could build another vehicle in the Illinois plant outside of Chicago, where the Compass was produced until last month.

The move was part of the overall effort to boost production for its popular Jeep brand, according to the company's executives.

So far FCA has escaped Trump's twitter outbursts and is trying to maintain a low profile as it prepares the plant in Toluca, Mexico to produce the Compass for sale in the US market and for export to other countries as well.