Govt Projected To Enhance Area Under Major Crop Production

Govt projected to enhance area under major crop production

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jun, 2024) The government has set a target to cultivate the wheat crop over 9.712 million acres for producing about 36.310 million metric tons of grains during the next season (2024-25) to fulfill the local requirements as well as to maintain the strategic food reserves in the country.

Meanwhile, the rice cultivation targets were fixed at 3.062 million acres to produce about 8.731 million metric tons of the crop during next season falling 2024-25, according to the Annual Plane 2024-25.

Meanwhile, the maize crop is to be grown over 1.512 million acres to produce 9.254 million tons for the commodity during the period under review, whereas sugarcane 1.241milon acres for producing about 7.667 million tons of the crop.

According to the Annual Plan 2024-25, the cotton second major crop the country to be grown over 3.118 million acres, whereas the output of cotton output was set at 10.873 million bales during the crop season 2024-25.

For minor crops, the area and production for gram for 2024-25 have been projected at 865.0 thousand hectares and 410.0 thousand tonnes, potato at 335.0 thousand hectares to produce 8100.0 thousand tonnes and onion crop would be cultivated over 123.0 thousand hectares for producing 1920.

0 thousand tonnes of onions.

The other minor crops including lentil cultivation was projected at 6.64 thousand hectares to achieve 4.56 thousand tonnes, for mung bean 214.8 thousand hectares and 178.8 thousand tonnes and for mash 11.05 thousand hectares and 8.60 thousand tonnes respectively.

The plan for 2024-25 will focus on improving crop productivity per unit area, addressing the country's low productivity compared to the region. Key production goals will target major crops like wheat, maize, sugarcane, and cotton.

Modest targets are set for minor crops such as gram, potato, onion, lentil, mung bean, mash, tomato, and


Additionally, the plan emphasizes the cultivation of oilseed crops, including canola, sunflower, rapeseed/mustard, and seed cotton, to reduce import bills. It also prioritizes providing agricultural inputs like fertilizer and improved seeds to support

farmers' well-being.

The initiatives of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research (NFS&R) regarding allocation and releases will be incorporated accordingly. While some efforts have been made to address food losses since 2015, Pakistan lacks a

comprehensive policy framework.