India Releases Poisonous Water Into Sutlej River, Kills Large Number Of Fish


India releases poisonous water into Sutlej river, kills large number of fish

The locals have expressed serious concerns over dying fish, and have warned the people to avoid from using such fish as these may cause skin problems due to poisonous water in Sutlej river.

PAKPATTAN: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Jan 30th, 2021) India released untreated water into Sutlej River, killing a large number of fish on Saturday.

The local fishermen said that several fish seeds at ponds areas were also damaged owing to poisonous water.

“This is another form of terrorism and clear violation of environment,” said Ahmed Zafir, a local resident of Head Sulemanki.

The release of poisonous water in Sutlej River was killing fish and badly damaging livestock sectors.

“We are fearing of skin disease in the area due to supply of dead fish in the market,” said Zafir, warning the people to avoid from using such fish. “Normally people don’t know what kind of fish they are eating. It is dangerous,” he added.

The officials took notice of the untreated water into Sutlej River.

This is not for the first time that India has released untreated water as it is frequent move.

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