KPT Ships Movement, Cargo Handling Report

KPT ships movement, cargo handling report

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Feb, 2021 ) :Following were the movements of ships and cargo handling at the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) during the last 48 hours, ending at 0700 hours on Monday.

SHIPS BERTHED: Fuji Galaxy Tanker Thorsky Container Ship Barbara Container Ship Cheaspeake Bay Container Ship SEA Ambition Tanker KMTC Mumbai Container Ship Ariane Makara Tanker M.T Quetta Tanker Onyx Ace car Carrier CMA CGM Fidelio Container Ship AS Sicilia Container Ship SHIPS SAILED: Golden Briliant WAn HAI 613 Northern Discovery TAI HU M.T Lahore Actuaria Thorsky Fuji Galaxy KMTC Mumbai Harrier Hunter CNXY ACE Ulanga EXPECTED SAILING: date SEA Ambition 22-02-21 M.T Quetta 23-02-21 EXPECTED ARRIVAL: RDO Fortune 22-02-21 D/L Container KOTA Naluri 22-02-21 D/L Container PAXI 22-02-21 D/L Container Diyala 22-02-21 D/L Container Eseniya 22-02-21 L/2 General Cargo Wiebke 22-02-21 D/815 Project Cargo M.

T Shalmar 23-02-21 D/70000 Crude Oil Xiamen 23-02-21 D/L Container ITAL Lirica 23-02-21 D/L Container Ocean Trader 23-02-21 D/2000 Ammonium Regine 23-02-21 D/1 General Cargo Cargo Handling Turnover: The total cargo handled at Karachi Port during the last 48 hours closed at 380,328 Metric Tons The breakup shows that the port has handled 101,865 Metric Tons of export cargo and 278,463 Metric Tons of import cargo during the said period. Commodity wise handling in metric tons is given below.

COMMODITY IMPORT EXPORT TOTAL CONTAINERS 145,923 101,865 247,788 BULK CARGO 3,034 ------ 3,034 ROCK PHOSPHATE 15,208 ------ 15,208 SOYA BEAN SEEDS 12,546 ------ 12,546 WHEAT 39,110 ------ 39,110 OIL/LIQUID CARGO 62,642 ------ 62,642